Tired of Checking Your Soul at the Office Door?

by Nneka Kelly

When you walk into the office, you are ON!

You make magic happen. You dazzle. You impress. You deliver.

The problem is, you put on your invisible armor. You gird your loins. You check your soul at the door.

After you make the magic happen, after you dazzle, impress, and deliver, you feel utterly exhausted. You are spent. You gave everything and you got nothing back other than some fleeting praise.

Your invisible armor is great at keeping the criticism and naysayers at bay. It allows you to excel regardless of what’s happening around you. You feel like it’s your secret weapon.

BUT, it’s also keeping energy from coming in.

Instead of engaging in an exchange when you are dazzling, you are putting out all that you have. You cut yourself off from receiving anything back.

When your invisible armor is on, you have to rely on your reserves. So, you power up on the weekend. You rest. You enjoy your life. You maybe take a yoga class, do some meditation, or attend a workshop. Then, you put on your suit on Monday. You get on the plane or walk into the office and you check your soul at the door.

You nurtured your soul and indulged in your passions for about an hour, 5 max. You have it in reserves. Then, you feed on those reserves to get through the 70-hour week.

No wonder you are so exhausted.

What’s the key to breaking the cycle?

Self acceptance.

You are a multi-faceted person.

You love powering it up in the office, but you also love surrendering in your intimate relationship. You are a whiz at planning, but you crave spontaneity. You are comfortable in your yoga pants and tank top, but you also love glamming it up with your Prada purse and Manolo shoes.

You are ALL of it.

Guess what? That’s okay. It’s awesome actually.

You don’t have to choose one part of you over the other. One aspect is not more important, right, or significant than the other. All of it makes you who you are.

When you start to accept all of who you are, you become more comfortable bringing all of you whereever you go. You won’t have to shut off a part of yourself for the other parts to thrive.

How do you accept yourself?

To start, two things.

First, a simple, but powerful affirmation from Louise Hay.

I love and approve of myself.

Every day, in the mirror, 100 times.

You are giving yourself the love and acceptance that you crave from the world.

All the praise and accolades that you get at work roll off of you within minutes. You gloss over it and move onto the next challenge. You miss the compliments and looks that you get when you walk down the street. You have a constant dialog about if they only knew me they wouldn’t think I was so good.

You know you.

Do you think you are that good?

The affirmation above helps you to see all of who you are and embrace all of it.


Everyday allow one person to see a different part of you.

If you are always serious at work, laugh out loud at a joke. When you get a compliment, smile – with teeth. Have a conversation with a co-worker about your hobby or passion. Talk to your friends about what you REALLY do all day. Not complain about it, but share something that you love about your work and that you think that your friends might blow off as being boring.

As you share small pieces of yourself with the world, you will begin to see that it’s not so scary. You don’t need your invisible armor. You don’t have to keep checking your soul at the door.

You can show up as your whole self.

Nneka Kelly is the mentor to brilliant, passionate professionals who want more freedom and joy in their lives. Whether it means continuing in your chosen profession, changing careers, or starting a business, she is dedicated to helping you live one whole, integrated life where work is a form of creative expression. Nneka provides practical tools, transformational advice , and other resources to subscribers around the world in her Working Mystic eZine. Sign up for a FREE subscription at http://WorkingMystic.com .

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