Megan Sims

Megan Sims combines the arts of dance, Nia technique, improvisational group poetry and storytelling, pastels and imagery to create experiences of joy, authentic and creative expression, community connection, stress release and vitality for many diverse populations. These include but are not limited to: disenfranchised teen girls, people suffering from mood disorders, children, elders with dementia and their caretakers, as well as those generally seeking more balanced mental and physical health. One student’s statement captured the essence of Megan’s work when she said “I’m putting you in charge of keeping me young!” Megan’s intuitive style of facilitating movement experiences allows the participant to access the eternal well of joy, health and balance at the center of their being. Another student put it this way: “I can’t ever remember feeling that restored”. With a BFA in dance and a Masters of Psychology, as well as sixteen years of movement teaching experience, Megan draws on her skills, education, philosophies and spiritual vibrancy to create healing and fitness in a powerful triad of body, mind and spirit

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