Learning How to Make Value Based Decisions

By Aisha Taylor

You may be surprised to hear me say this, but: you are allowed to spend money on things that make you happy. The key is to do it strategically, and by that I mean focus on spending money on the things that bring you the highest value. Let me give you a couple of examples.

Recently, my cousin sent me a message and asked me if I was going to stop using my cleaning lady to save more money. I replied, “No. I get too much value from her.” When my cleaning lady comes to my home, she is generally there for about four hours. Imagine what I could be doing in four hours. I could take a nap, get work done, visit friends, etc. I love a clean house, but if I had to clean my own home, it would take away from the things that I either need to do or find value. The monthly savings just isn’t worth it to me. Trust me, I’ve organized my budget around this expense and cut back in other areas that gave me less value.

The other example comes from a very disturbing clip that a friend of mine sent me. This was a video of a woman who was so obsessed with saving money that she reused cooking water! When she drained boiled pasta, instead of letting the water go down the sink, she drained the water into a container and reused it over the course of WEEKS. If you think that’s bad, she also scraped leftover salad dressing and pasta sauce off individual dinner plates, and put it back into the ORIGINAL containers. That sounds like a big germy, health-violation mess. That’s taking savings way too far.

Yes, saving money and spending wisely is important. It’s OK to enjoy your money; however, it is also important to avoid getting extreme. Find a reasonable balance by focusing on the things that make sense and give you the most value. What’s the point of saving all of this money if you can never enjoy it? Conversely, who wants to live a life full of struggle? God wants us to have an abundant life. The key is to do it in accordance to His will and to spend intelligently and strategically.

What things do you value? How can you cut back in other areas to make room in your budget for the items that generate more value? Let me know!

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