If You’re Going To Go On A Binge, Celebrate It!

by Sami Gilbert

There was a time in my life that going on a binge meant the end of the world for me. Afterward, I would ruminate, analyze and worry myself to death over what I had just done.

This only made it worse.

Because the more I worried and analyzed things, the more I beat myself up, and the more I beat myself up, the more frequent and intense my bulimia became.

Not so fun.

You see, thinking that something is wrong with you creates an even deeper desire to do that which you don’t want to do.
The next time you are triggered into a binge, enjoy it. Get out your best china, set a nice table, light some candles, put on your fat pants, and savor every single bite of food, with lots and lots of curiosity. Say to yourself something like “Gee it’s really interesting that I’m doing this right now, I wonder what’s really going on here?” Or “This is quite interesting, I wonder what wants to be nourished?”

I promise you, the more you engage in curiosity about what is happening, without judgment, without thinking you are “bad” or “disgusting”, the more infrequent your episodes will become. Taking away the stigma of being dis-ordered, actually creates openings for other, healthier choices to manifest themselves.

The very definition of disorder is to have a lack of order or irregularity. Isn’t it interesting that this very definition is the ebb and of flow of life? Although we expect life to be perfect and static, it’s anything but. So why should our relationship to food be any different?

I want you to consider this:

“There are times when I require more food than my typical daily intake and that’s ok because maybe I worked out really hard or my mental focus was more intense that day.”

“There are times when I am having so much fun indulging in the pleasure of food that I eat a little more and that’s ok because hell, mouthgasams are awesome!”

“There are times when I just need a little more nourishment and that’s ok because nourishing my body is important.”

Now, when I look back on my so-called bulimia, I simply think “that’s just something I used to do” and that my friends is true power.

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