Gail Solway

Gail Solway works actively as a clinical nutritionist, compounding pharmacist and massage therapist. More than 30 years after graduating from the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, she has witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of medications prescribed for chronic conditions. In order to help people stay off of pain medications, she began practicing therapeutic massage in 2000. Although symptoms could be addressed with pharmaceuticals and massage, Gail had a stronger desire to look at root causes of chronic conditions. She began attending conferences through the Institute of Functional Medicine and received an MS in Human Nutrition through the University of Bridgeport. She is certified as a Clinical Nutrition Specialist and was among the first in the country to be certified through the Institute of Functional Medicine. Passionate about helping people optimize their health through nutrition and using food as medicine, she also loves to cook and enjoy delicious, healthy meals with family and friends.

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