Elena Frank

Elena Frank received her doctorate in Gender Studies from Arizona State University, with an emphasis in Sexuality, Health, and the Body. She has significant university experience researching, writing, and teaching about gender, power, pleasure, and health. She has also contributed as writer to Playgirl Magazine and worked in the non-profit sector helping low-income families access subsidized childcare and other social services. Her latest research on young women’s lived experiences of masturbation highlights the potential of disrupting the widespread cultural silence around female self-pleasure for increasing girls’ and young women’s capacity for resisting oppressive gendered messages and behaviors, experiencing themselves as sexual beings, and feeling sexually empowered. Strongly committed to a vision of female sexual health that includes both safety and pleasure, Elena initially developed her passion for advocating for girls’ and women’s sexual rights while attending New York University. Most recently, Elena has been working with the Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health to increase LGBTQ inclusivity in the sexual health education classroom.

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