Create a Vision Board that Works


I’ve been doing Vision Boards for over 20 years now. I started back when they were called Treasure Maps.

Vision Boards are a fun tool to help you focus on your goals and dreams. When done right, they can be very effective. I’ve created Vision Boards where only 20% of what I wanted manifested, and it took several years to come to pass. I’ve done others where over 80% of what I wanted manifested in less than 9 months.

What was the difference?

Set a Timeframe
One of the biggest mistakes that I see clients make when they set a vision is that it’s open ended.

It usually goes something like this: I want to be a millionaire with fancy cars and mansion. I want to travel the world. I want to be a runway model.

The big problem with this vision…YOU don’t believe it!

Open-ended Vision Boards (and goals) with no timelines result in hit or miss results.

Setting a finite time horizon and then envisioning what it’s like to be in that time shifts your vibe from “This could happen someday. I guess.” (doubt) TO…

This is going to be so cool when it shows up. I can’t wait!!! (positive expectation)

Write Your Vision First
Before you start pulling photos from the magazine, you’re going to want to get clear on what you want.

Here’s where a tool like the Life Map can make all the difference.

The Life Map is one of the modules that I provide in private coaching packages. We take a look at what you acheived in the past 5 years, where you are today, then set the vision for the next 5 years.

You can choose any timeframe.

Looking into your past gives you an idea of how far you’ve come and how much you have accomplished over time. It also helps you to see how much you really can accomplish in that time period. It gives you perspective.

Looking at your life today gives you an assessment of your foundation and resources.

From there, envisioning your future is a natural progression. While your vision will still be a stretch, it will be doable. When you think about it, you feel excited about your growth and the possibilities, AND you BELIEVE you can achieve it.

Go For The Feeling
Once you are clear on what you want, spend some time feeling what your life when your vision becomes a reality.

You might be tempted to overlook this step, but your feelings are the key to your success.

An easy way to find the feeling of your desire is to ask yourself why you want it. You’re not asking why to justify your desire or question its validity. You’re asking to get in touch with your feelings.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say that you want to own a sports car. Well, why do you want it?

Because I want to drive with the top down and feel the freedom of the wind blowing through my hair. I want to feel the exhilaration of driving fast down the highway. I want to feel excited. I LOVE how sexy sports cars are. I love the curves. They give me a rush.

When you choose pictures for your Vision Board, choose the ones that give you the feeling that you want. You’ll get so much more than the specific item.

Be Specific
One of the questions I always get on Vision Boards is: How specific should I get?

Go as specific as you can while still feeling good. Whatever you do, stay away from how!

How is NONE of your business!

I’ll give you an example…

Last year, one of my goals was to continue losing weight, but I was at a plateau. What I really wanted was to be healthy, fit, and strong. I wanted to LOVE my body and care for it with movement and nourishing food. I also REALLY wanted to end my struggle with food.

I had no idea how any of this was going to come about.

On my vision board, I put plates of healthy, nourishing delicious looking food and a runner. The caption on the runner was run, walk, play because you can. That’s how I felt and wanted to continue to feel. I added the affirmation I fuel my body with healthy, nourishing food.

That was as specific as I could get.

In February, I met my boyfriend. He happened to lose a lot of weight following a plan and he kept it off for over a year. I also wanted my weight loss to be sustainable.

Long story short, he became my weight loss coach and trainer. He was tough. I fought it. I had NO idea this was the how.

Now, I’m 65 lbs down total, 35 for the year. I fuel my body with healthy, nourishing food. I ENJOY the food I eat. I’ve eliminated a lot, and I don’t feel like I’m in a battle to keep myself from eating those things. In fact, I only want them once in a blue moon. I started my running program when I got back from the Med cruise.

I LOVE my body!!! I AM healthy, fit, and strong!

Have FUN!!!
It’s your time to be a kid. Break out the glitter glue and markers. Rip out the pictures that you want in the magazines.

Infuse your Vision Board with joy!

You’ll enjoy the process of creating the Vision Board. More than that, you’ll have fun on your way to turning your vision into your reality.

Nneka Kelly is the mentor to brilliant, passionate professionals who want more freedom and joy in their lives. Whether it means continuing in your chosen profession, changing careers, or starting a business, she is dedicated to helping you live one whole, integrated life where work is a form of creative expression. Nneka provides practical tools, transformational advice , and other resources to subscribers around the world in her Working Mystic eZine. Sign up for a FREE subscription at .

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