5 Steps to Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick

by Nneka Kelly

In 2014, I resolve to lose 250 lbs while running backwards from east to west then west to east without eating a single carb and going vegan.

Do I even have a prayer of sticking with this resolution?

Well, I guess one day when the earth looks red from a space craft.

Here are 5 ways to sharpen up your resolution so that you are successful at it this year.

Step 1: Keep It Simple
In 2014, I resolve to lose 250 lbs.

That’s a resolution I can live with. No constraints on how I do it. It’s straight forward and to the point.

But wait, can you really lose 250 lbs in a year?

Well it’s possible, but not probable. Not only that, it’s daunting. I’ll have to lose a little over 20 lbs a month. What happens when I don’t quite hit the number in January, then in February?

Step 2: Make It Doable
In 2014, I resolve to lose 100 lbs.

That’s about 2 pounds a week. I can handle that.

However, I know from experience that it won’t happen in the nice smooth 2 pounds a week way. I might gain or lose depending on my metabolism, menstrual cycle (sorry guys), shifts in the wind, who knows.

Better to make a resolution that’s dependent on my actions.

Step 3: Make It Actionable
In 2014, I resolve to exercise for 30 minutes 3 times a week.

Getting better. If I move from no exercise at all to exercising 3 times a week, I have an 80% chance of losing weight. Better than that, I’ll have the side effects of exercising beyond better health. I would have proven to myself that I can do it.

Only thing is I might start off in January exercising 3 times a week. Then in February, I start bargaining and push my exercise days to the end and barely get it in. By March, I’m exercising 3 times a week every other week.

Time to firm this thing up.

Step 4: Make It A Habit
In 2014, I resolve to exercise every day for 30 minutes.

Yes, it is still doable. 30 minutes is a 15 minute walk to a friend’s house and 15 minutes back. It’s a 15 minute ride to the corner store and 15 minutes back. It’s jogging on the spot while my favorite sitcom is on. It is absolutely doable and now, it’s part of my routine, like brushing my teeth.

Now, like brushing my teeth, I might have a lazy day from time to time. (If I ever meet any of you it won’t be one of those days, trust me 😉 ) However, it’s now a part of the daily grind and like not brushing my teeth, I feel off kilter when I don’t do it.

Now you might be saying to yourself, exercise alone won’t help you shed 120 lbs in a year. You’re going to have to do a lot better than that. And I will, but I won’t make it too complicated.

Step 5: Make No More Than 3
In 2014, I resolve to:

Exercise for 30 minutes every day
Only eat when hungry and until full
Meditate every day
3 Simple resolutions that are doable and completely within my realm of control. I’ll also make a habit of doing those 3 things for myself so that it’s like clockwork. When I do those 3 things, I know I’m working toward my goal of being healthier and losing weight.

As an aside, if you’re wondering what meditation has to do with weight loss, leave a note in the comments and I’ll explain.

Bonus: Do It First
Scientific studies have proven that there are fewer distractions in the morning than in the evening.

Okay, not scientific studies, but I’ve learned from experience that getting my important things done first sets the tone for my day. It starts me off with a sense of accomplishment. It takes care of the 20% that will give me 80% of the results I want in life.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

Nneka Kelly is the mentor to brilliant, passionate professionals who want more freedom and joy in their lives. Her weekly Working Mystic eZine goes out to subscribers around the world. If you are ready to renew your enthusiasm for your work in the world, be more creative, and enjoy your success, you can sign up for a FREE subscription at: http://WorkingMystic.com

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