By Alexis Sclamberg

A few years ago, I was a licensed lawyer who wanted out of my profession. I was in an unhappy relationship I could no longer seem to fix. I was feeling constantly fatigued despite my best efforts at exercise, eating well, and getting plenty of sleep. I wasn’t living a life I loved, to say the least.

I knew something had to change, but I didn’t know how or where to begin. So, as I waited for my epiphany, I took the one option readily available: I spent hours (and hours and hours) buried in self-help books and listening in on personal growth tele-seminars and webinars to try to make things better. And here’s the crazy thing: It worked. Hearing about others’ experiences, listening to their wisdom, and seeing how they were thriving, I began to believe that my dream relationship, life, and body weren’t just some fantasy.

I started implementing some of the small, simple tools I was learning. Before I knew it, I had created the space in my life to fall in love, I launched a company with my mom that resonated with my true passions—and I could finally stay awake long enough to enjoy it all.

The more I’ve learned, the more I want to share, so my mother and I launched theBorrowed Wisdom World Summit. I’m now spending the next 12 weeks interviewing the personal growth and wellness experts that changed my life. We’re just getting started and already, the experience of not just getting to talk directly to the people that have changed my life, but also of being able to share their wisdom with my community has been incredible. So in the spirit of the event, I thought I’d pass along to you the top three things I’ve “borrowed” thus far.

An event on its own doesn’t have meaning. You give it meaning—good, bad, or otherwise.

We all do this all the time: An unreturned phone call morphs into “he doesn’t like me that much.” A brusque interaction, turns into “she doesn’t appreciate me!” But what if we’re wrong? What if he was just incredibly busy? Or if she was dealing with something entirely unrelated to you? What would you feel like if you didn’t give an event meaning? Probably much calmer.

Happiness can be learned. You have a genetic happiness set point, but you can manipulate it by implementing new habits. 

Happiness can feel so elusive; the happiness habits make you feel like you have control. I have implemented some of the happiness habits that our happiness expert Marci Shimoff recommends and I cannot express what a difference it has made. Here are two tips you can try right now: Fist, place your hand on your heart. This releases oxytocin (the love hormone) and will relax you. Now, get some sleep! Studies show that sleep has a bigger impact on your happiness than your marital status and your financial status.

Meditation can actually wake you up! And it’s way easier than you think. 

Daily meditation can help you change your stress levels, sleep and work better, enjoy happier relationships, manifest your heart’s desires, and live your life more fully. When I got into the self-help world, I was surrounded by meditators. And completely intimidated by them. But meditation expert Sarah McLean made meditation seem accessible. Sarah says the three ingredients to a good meditation are the willingness to do it; gentle attention; and a point of focus (think: a sound, a view, a word).

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Photo Credit: Sarah Lee

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